Cuts teachers’ preparation time – helps pupils flourish

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Cuts teachers’ preparation time – helps pupils flourish

As Diocesan Director for Education, I am always looking for ways to support our schools in delivering collective worship more effectively. We have been so impressed by the quality, the use of multimedia, and the holistic provision of Big Start Assemblies. So much so that we have rolled the materials out to every school in our diocese.

Teachers and pupils love it and I’m delighted to have found a solution which helps us continue to aim for excellence in collective worship. Big Start Assemblies has cut down our teachers’ preparation time considerably whilst enabling schools to better fulfil SIAMs guidelines, which in turn helps pupils flourish.

The Big Start Assemblies team have also been very supportive and have even visited the diocese to provide training for our head teachers and collective worship coordinators, helping them get the best from the resources. I would encourage any school, diocese or trust to consider Big Start Assemblies for their own context.

Dr Ann Holt, OBE Director of Education, Diocese of Chichester Big Start Assemblies Diocesan Wide Multi-Licence 11th May 2018