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Peer Pressure: Speaking Up

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This assembly is a stand-alone assembly in the “Peer Pressure” series.  We will be looking at the story of a blind beggar and the value of courage.  In Jesus’ society, someone like this would have been right at the bottom of the social ladder (not even on the ladder).  He would have been a man who was ignored and put down, despised and rejected.  He was under pressure from the crowd to be quiet; to shut up; to leave Jesus alone; to just . . . go away.

What courage it must have taken to speak up when everyone else was against him. He knew that only Jesus could help him, so he didn’t stop calling out until someone listened; someone noticed; someone cared. That someone was Jesus.

Songs Used in This Assembly: 


  • Luke 18:35-43 (The Blind Man & Jesus)

BSA Code:

  • BSA00601


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