Can I licence more than one school? / What is a multi-license?

If you are part of a network of schools, a multi-academy trust, or a diocese and wish to licence a number of schools simultaneously then you may wish to consider a multi-licence. Multi-licences allow for the combined central payment of multiple licences. It also offers special discounts depending on the number of licences you are purchasing. For every additional school you earn 5% off the total price of all schools (e.g. 5% off two schools, 10% off three schools, 15% off four schools, etc.). The maximum multi-licence discount available is 50% off for 11 or more schools. This can offer a substantial saving. You can choose a multi-licence option when going through the sign up process. Please note, this type of licence may take longer to setup while we confirm details of the schools being licenced.

If you are licencing 100 or more schools then a bespoke licence will be arranged. Please contact