What are the Minimum technical requirements for using Big Start Assemblies?

We have tried to ensure our resources work across the maximum number of computers and systems possible. With the huge variance in school IT systems we cannot guarantee technical compatibility with every computer. Our minimum recommended specifications are:

Windows: Operating System – Windows 7 or above. We recommend Microsoft Office 2013 or above. You can run the materials on Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, but you will need to install Quicktime Player for Windows or VLC For Windows in order for the videos to play. You will probably need to speak to your IT support team to install Quicktime player or VLC. 

Mac: Operating System – OSX 10.7 Lion or above. Microsoft Office 2008 or above. Please note that opening PowerPoint or Word Documents in iWork may result in formatting changes and unexpected results.

Please note that users of Internet Explorer may occasionally encounter issues with the website and downloading. If you experience this, please try using an alternative internet browser.