Giants of Faith: Ruth (Part 1)

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In this assembly we will be looking at the story of Ruth, a real giant of faith in the Bible. It’s a short book in the Bible so it’s worth reading the whole story before delivering the assembly. Essentially the story is about two women, Ruth and Naomi, her mother in law. Ruth was brave in leaving her home country and traveling a long way away to help her friend Naomi. When Ruth’s husband died, they could have gone their separate ways. Naomi encourages Ruth to return to her home as life would have been very difficult for two widowed women on their own. Yet Ruth decides to stay with Naomi to look after her. This was a very brave and caring act. The story has a happy ending with Ruth getting married and having a baby with a man called Boaz.

Ruth chose to give up everything she knew and stay with Naomi when her husband died. This assembly focuses on the core value of sacrifice and the courage it takes to go somewhere or do something to help people. The aim is to encourage the children to step out of their own comfort zones to do good things for others, even if it means sacrificing something you know and love for a while.

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  • Ruth 1-4

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