Head, Heart and Hands

A primary purpose of collective worship is to create space for children to think, engage and respond. We therefore need to shape our time together in such a way that we create some key moments for this to happen. One helpful approach to consider is ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ framework. Head for thinking; Heart for […]

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Delivering An Engaging Assembly

Assemblies are a shop window on your values, your approach to working with children, how you see your community as well as how you talk about God with those of little or no faith. It is therefore important to make a positive impression, so here are my top tips:   + “Be yourself; everyone else […]

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A Guide To Differentiation in Collective Worship

You’re used to differentiation in the classroom, but how can this apply to your assembly plans? It’s not just about learning, it’s about encounter… What allows children to be able to access worship and feel welcome and included? In the classroom you might think of this in terms of making sure every child has the […]

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Planning your assembly timings

Perfect Timing In A Primary School Assembly

Fitting activities, games, songs, stories and more into your primary school collective worship can be difficult. Here’s how to make it work… Planning assemblies can be difficult – particularly for busy teachers. You might have the “perfect” collective worship lined up – everything hangs together, you have a consistent message, a variety of ways for […]

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Five Ideas for Telling Stories in School Assemblies!

Improve your collective worship with these great storytelling ideas. There is nothing quite as mind numbing in a school assembly as having a story read out of a book in a monotone voice. The book could be anything – a text book describing quadratic equations or a gripping tale like “Out of the Silent Planet” […]

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