Giants of Faith: Rahab

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Some people think that the Bible only talks about men. This is not true. Today we will be looking at the story of Rahab and the value of trust. Rahab is one of many women that the Bible commends as heroes of faith. Rahab belonged to a nation and a city that was the enemies of the Israelites (the people of God). Despite this, Rahab believed in God and recognised that the God of Israel was worth trusting in. When the Israelites scouted out the city, she helped the spies by hiding them from the authorities. In return, the Israelites promised to help and protect her and her family when they took the city. Rahab trusted in God because she saw how powerful he was. She also trusted the spies to fulfil their part of the bargain. Rahab was also trustworthy as the spies trusted her with their lives, having only just met her. She hid the spies and protected them despite a huge risk to herself.

Rahab is a model of trust and courage. Sometimes, we have to trust in something or someone even if it seems risky or is something we wouldn’t usually do. Trust means taking a step of faith for something we believe to be right, even if it is costly to us.

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  • Joshua 2

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